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Flexible Single Sign-On Solution

Replace /etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/shadow, ...

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September 16 2006
Additional bugfixes commited to CVS

As always, check the ChangeLog and snapshot to the left ...  
May 31 2005
New snapshot contains bugfixes

The current snapshot fixes a couple of bugs related to groups - one of which would cause segfaults.
I've also noted very poor getgrent() performance as each group requires an additional SQL query - meaning 1000 groups = a little over 1000 queries. I'm trying to think of a way to address this ...
March 27 2005
Multiple Statements, Prepared Statements

The current snapshot supports MySQL 4.1's Multiple Statement abilities. This means you can execute more than one query for any given "question" (e.g. getpwnam).
I've looked into Prepared Statements, and based upon my testing, it's about 25% faster in this type of environment when it comes to single-user lookups. I don't have plans to implement it because a) that's not enough improvement for it to be worth the code changes and because b) Multiple Statements are not supported in Prepared Statement mode.
February 10 2005
Version 0.5 released

I've released 0.5. As usual, check out the ChangeLog for details.  
December 21 2004
Version 0.4 released

I've released version 0.4. Check out the ChangeLog for details. Please note that 0.3 configs will not work with 0.4 as I've moved os-specific fields to os-specific configs. See the samples for details.  
November 25 2004
Snapshots, 0.4

I'm continuing work on NSVS. You can keep an eye on the ChangeLog to the left to see my progress and/or use SourceForge's CVS tools to see what changes I'm making
That said, the current snapshot includes Solaris functionality and better thread shutdown. I'd like to get the FreeBSD port done and clean some stuff up - perhaps comment the code a little - before I release 0.4. As it stands now, 0.3 (or the snapshot for that matter) should be pretty stable.
Happy Thanksgiving! I think I'm going to go pass out now :-)
November 22 2004
Site opening, 0.3 released

I've registered the FSSOS project with SourceForge and released version 0.3 of nsvs - Name Service Via Sockets. NSVS will play a major role in the FSSOS project.  

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